Brad Pitt with Uptown & Downtown (Matte Black / Stormy Tortoise)
Beyonce with Poms x Pared Gatto (Ivory)
Cara Delevigne with Poms x Pared Gatto
Ashley Greene with Up & At Em (Cookies & Cream)
Erin Foster with Puss & Boots (Black / Gold)
Michael Fassbender with Uptown & Downtown ( Matte Black / Brown)
Zoe Pastelle with Charlie & the Angels (Black)
Amber Lancaster with Tutti & Frutti (80's Tortoise)
Joan Smalls with Petite Amour (Red)
Eloise Jaksic with Stargazers (Orange)
Dominique Elissa with Sun & Shade (Clear / Gold/ Ocean)
Alie Layus with Puss & Boots (Clear / Blue)
Kaia Gerber with Petite Amour (Taupe)
Nadia Fairfax with Stargazers (Black / Red)
Matilda Djerf with Puss & Boots (Dark Tortoise)
Eloise Jaksic with Puss & Boots (Blanco Leopard)
Matilda Djerf with Charlie & the Angels (Cookies & Cream)
How Two Live - Sun & Shade (Pink / Rose Gold & Clear / Gold / Blue)
The Salty Blonde with Sun & Shade (Pink / Rose Gold / Violet)
The Salty Blonde with Petite Amour (Red)
The Salty Blonde with Puss & Boots (Dark Tortoise / Black)
Selma Blair with Camels & Caravans (Smoke / Silver)
Abby Champion with Kohl & Kaftans (Dark Tortoise)
Olivia Munn with Kohl & Kaftans (Emerald Green)
Bella Thorne with Kohl & Kaftans (Blue Lagoon)
Nina Dobrev with Cat & Mouse (Blush)
Lupita Nyong'o with Moon & Stars (White/Peach)