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Fashion Week 2022

Jump into our week with @twoevolve & @paredeyewear at #AAFW.

Take a little look behind the scenes of our content creation and on site experience.

Written by Tyla Johnson / 08 July 2022

Darcy Spinks: Darcy is a Melbourne based model/influencer who started out working in events and creating content for brands on a regular basis. She worked for Bumble Australia to create high quality networking events in and around Melbourne, and that's where she found her love for events and networking and saw the power of surrounding yourself with driven, confident and powerful people. Fast forward to now, Darcy is loving working alongside Petra at Two Evolve to help business and people succeed. Every day is different (catching flights, styling and creative directing shoots, bringing events to life or just simply working from home) and that's what she loves the most.

Two Evolve is a Digital Marketing and Events Agency, that specialises in content creation, events, social media and influencer outreach all over Australia. 

Petra Könyit: Petra was born in Croatia and moved to Melbourne in 2017. She started working in marketing in 2012 in Croatia when she started her first business venture! When she moved to Australia she worked as a marketing manager for one of the Melbourne high fashion boutiques. Being an influencer as well she has worked with many Australian brands and attended lots of networking events, where she actually met Darcy. They both shared the same passion and always wanted to help businesses grow; and now two and a half years later, Two Evolve is their marketing agency and something they both love doing.


What are your favourite Sunglasses from the Pared range?

Darcy's favourite: Straight and Narrow in the Caramel Havana because they are super cool and are a real statement shape.
Petra's favourite: Nice and Easy in Havana - they just make every outfit so much cooler!

What were your favourite trends you saw at fashion week?

Darcy: I was loving seeing low rise pants. Crazy times we are in haha but i am actually so excited for this.

Petra: I loved seeing so much colour! Trends are so fun at the moment and I loved seeing it styled in so many different ways.

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