We love the new Mister Zimi collection featuring the Sony & Cher rose gold/white.

The collection itself was influenced by the shoot location, a housing project on the coast of Spain. Known locally as the “The Red Wall” the project was built in 1968 by Richard Bofill and references the popular architecture of the Arab Mediterranean area and the tradition of the Kasbah.

Credits –

Photographer Amanda Fordyce, Model Carola Remer, Makeup Victoria Martin, Hair Luciana Rose, Stylist Zoe Paul from Mister Zimi, Styling Assistant: Angela Ibanez, Model Carola Remer, Producer: Sheleen Jegasothy, Photography Assistant: Laia Benavides, DOP: Clare Plueckhahn, Video Asssitant: Jesse Moyes

Watch the campaign video below –