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Taking care of your sunnies

When you love our sunnies as much as we do and you’re wearing them on a daily basis, It’s not uncommon to experience some wear and tear.Here are our recommendations for keeping them in a good condition.

- Always carry your sunglasses in the custom Pared case and lens pouch, even if you’re not wearing them to avoid them getting damaged or the lenses scratched. 

- To help them keep its shape, it’s best to handle your sunglasses with both hands and to fold the left arm under the right arm when closing your glasses. 

- Try not to wear the frames on top of your head as this can distort the fit and stretch the arms which makes them hard to repair. 

- To clean the lenses, try a gentle lens solution or a lens cloth. 

- Avoid using any rough materials, as this may scratch the frame and lenses. 

- Avoid leaving sunglasses in direct sunlight when not in use. 

- Avoid submerging your sunglasses in fresh or salt water for long periods. 

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