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Halley Elefante of The Salty Blonde first started wearing pared in 2016, creating beautiful content and supporting the brand’s growth. Since these early days, Sam Stevenson [Creative Director and Co-Founder of Pared] knew there was an intrinsic synergy between the style and inspirations of Pared and The Salty Blonde; the relaxed beach vibe of Hawaii [where Halley resides] and the Australian beach culture Pared is so deeply a part of were an easy starting point for the collaboration.


  The capsule collection embodies Halley’s style and Sam & Halley’s mutual love of the 70s era; it is an ode to the seventies and the effortlessly stylish. Three distinctive shapes make up the range, in a 70s colour palette even Farah Fawcett would be jealous of: blushes, peaches, rusts, yellows, and tortoises are set with light wash lenses to evoke a vintage context. All of the frames feature signature pared design details with double or triple colour laminations, cut outs, and deco corners.


The first instalment to the collection is Piccolo & Grande, a slimline cat eye with sharp deco corner detailing and two-tone lamination. Available in peach/blossom, havana/ivory, and marble tortoise, the frames evoke a vintage sensibility, balancing 70s references with playful, modern wearability.

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