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IWD with Artist Karina Jambrak

Creative Director Sammy Stevenson-Baker photographs Karina Jambrak's Sydney Studio for International Womens Day 2024

Written by Samantha Stevenson / 07 March 2024

Happy International Womens Day! Whilst we need more than one day a year to highlight women, today is a very special day for me to make sure that we celebrate other women. Karina is a woman that pared admires and who inspires. Karina's use of vibrant colour and pattern creates such a wonderful environment to be in and are an instant mood booster. We hope you enjoy a peek into her world and feel inspired by a female led small business.

Q & A with Karina

What is your favourite part about being a woman?

To me, women are superheroes. I love everything about being a woman. We can do it all! And often we manage to do it all at once. We can multitask like no one else and we are the most effective leaders while being nurturing at the same time. Women today are creating change with such force, I am really proud to be a woman in this time in history.


The biggest challenge of being a woman?

The juggle is definitely my biggest challenge. As a mother, wife, sister, daughter – being there 100%  for my family and showing up consistently in my business is often what I struggle with the most.


Woman who inspires you?

I am obsessed with Janine Allis. Her approach to life, business and what we term “success” is just so inspiring to me.



What’s next for you?

At the moment I’m working on a wallpaper collaboration with Milton and King. I’m also starting a new lifestyle label called Palmaloma. I’ve given so much to these projects over the past year … I’m hoping we can launch both very soon!


Favourite pair of pared?

Well this is tricky because I think I own at least 5 pairs. My favourite at the moment are from the new soleil soleil collab, Inti in green. I also love the Far & Wide in Tangerine/havana. I love the contrast front and arm.

About Karina Jambrak

Karina graduated from the University of NSW, College of Fine Arts with a Bachelor's degree in Design majoring in Textile and Graphic Design. Her unique approach to art and design has led me to work with iconic Australian and international companies such as Adairs, The Jungalow, Kollab, Greenhouse Interiors, Nakula, Ravesi's, Mambo, Tigerlily & Westpac.

In May 2019 Karina launched her business. Her artworks are inspired by nature and are hand drawn with copic markers and/or painted with gouache and acrylic polymer emulsion. They are colourful, full of rich tones and intricate patterns. Artworks are printed in Australia using the highest quality materials and are made to order to prevent waste.


Learn more about Karina here


Follow Karina on instagram here

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