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About Pared

The designer

Samantha Stevenson-Baker

The Pared’s Creative Director has always had a knack for viewing things differently. Studying Design at COFA (UNSW) in Sydney in the mid 2000's, followed then by working in the eyewear design team at iconic Australian brand Ksubi (formerly Tsubi) in the late 2000's, combining experience with natural talent Sam was soon inspired to forge her own path and start Pared in 2012 with her now Husband Ed.

Seeing a gap in the eyewear market, Sam launched her first collection in Summer 2012/13, focused on simplicity, with 5 pared back core shapes defining the pared range. Taking an organic, visual approach to design, Sam’s collections are inspired by travel, art and architecture evoking the spirited nature of their wearers and the feeling of endless summers around the world.

10 years on the brand is now stronger than ever as it further expands its pared core line and favoured brand and influencer Collaborations. Sam lives on the Gold Coast with her Husband and Co-founder Ed with their two sons Bas and Theo.

Why Pared

Female-founded, from the beaches of Sydney, in 2012, Samantha decided it was time to update the way we approach eyewear with glasses that reflected her life and the lives of other young Australians.

Pared ongoing principal focus is creating premium, wearable and unique eyewear using the best materials sourced from around the world.

The products design has a blend of subtle architectural themes as well as strong fashion references.

As the pared name implies we cut through the ordinary,


We see the power in duality and theme our pared brand around this symbolism from our pared name to our famous pared pairs that we use to name our pared styles.

Puss & Boots, Bread & Butter, Lo & Behold, Small & Mighty, Kohl & Kaftan.

Customer Care

Do you have a question or would like to know more about pared. Please email our customer service team at hello@pared.com.au

The world looks better through pared

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