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Jayde Heiser x Pared Edit

Jayde Heiser, brings an international flair to her lifestyle content and thriving Instagram audience. Growing up on the sandy shores of the Northern Beaches, she took a leap of faith and moved to Milan as her modelling career started to blossom at the age of 17. Learning from the best in the business, she returned home with an abundance of experience shooting in some of the world’s most exotic places for the biggest brands. Despite jetting around the globe, Jayde is down to earth with passions including living a healthy lifestyle, cooking nutritious food and looking after her body. She loves sharing aspirational yet relatable content with her audience as she believes it’s where she can present her most authentic self. It’s only good vibes with Jayde!

Written by Pared Eyewear / 13 February 2023

Jayde Styles Petite Amour Cookies & Cream, Lo &Behold Cookies & Cream, Uptown & Downtown Gold Yellow,Petite Amour Black, Round & Around Black Tortoise, Nice & Easy Pared Speckle and Rise & Shine Cream Brown.  

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Jayde Heiser (@jaydeheiser)

My choice of location for this shoot was the beach as I grew up on the northern beaches and all the shades I picked were quite neutral tones. I feel most relaxed when I’m surrounded by nature, so being on the sand bare feet on a beautiful day just felt right. I love that the pared speckle represented the shells on the beach too!! It was a gorgeous afternoon and I got to shoot it with my friend so it felt really chilled & relaxed.
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