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First things first.

Each pair of pared glasses begins at the desk of our Creative Director Samantha Stevenson-Baker.  Ensuring every piece is infused with pared's attention to detail and signature details from conception, through production and to its final form. Creating mood boards for inspiration, Samantha sketches the initial design, then maps out product details ready to go to phase two: prototyping.

Its all in the details

The design details are what make a pair of pared stand out. We take the time to add litte touches to make your everyday frame feel special. Engraved detailing on the top of each frame, our signature cutouts and notch details are some of the things that set pared apart from other designs. With over 15 years experience in the eyewear field, our designer Samantha Stevenson - Baker understands the fit of a frame and the elements that make it special.

Our signature deco corner, with cutaway detail to the front of the frame.

Our "p" icon in 3D metal & signature triangle notches on each arm

Laser engraved gold double triangle detail at the temple tip of each frame.

Gold triangular rivet detail and signautre notch cutout on the side of the frame.

Our materials
sourced from around the world

For us, it’s vital that every pared piece meets the highest possible standards of quality, durability and premium luxury finish to be your perfect fit. Sourcing from trusted suppliers around the world we use only the best materials to bring your frames to life. From custom-designed cellulose acetate sourced from the best companies from Italy, to ultra-lightweight stainless steel temple cores , Carl Zeiss sun lenses UV400 and German OBE screws/hinges – no detail and decision on materials is too small at pared, leading with care and detail in everything we do.

Our quality materials

The handmade process involves 6mm cellulose acetate sheets, CR39 & nylon lenses sourced from Carl Zeiss and OBE hinges & screws.

We use 6mm acetate for the front of our frames and 4mm for the arms

We use Carl Zeiss vision lenses - CR39 or nylon in a range of solid and gradient options.

We use a custom temple core with triangular engraving and OBE stop hinges and screws for a stronger hinge and lasting product.


We use biodegradable acetate across our range and aim for the majority of our frames range to be created from bio material by the end of 2023, as suppliers increase their offering.

We currently use black, dark tortoise, nude, ivory and white Mazzucelli M49 bio acetates in our range.

"Mazzucchelli 1849 has anticipated the evolution of the market by developing in its laboratories a formula that combines the physical mechanical characteristics of the classical formulation with a characteristic of strong eco-sustainability:M49Traditional plasticizer has been replaced by a plasticizing solution of vegetable origin, thus making M49 a bioplastic with a remarkable bio-based content."

We are also introducing sustainable polyamide lenses manufacutred by Carl Zeiss into our 2022 summer range. We strive to have moved all of our lenses to this process by the end of 2023.

The handmade process

After raw material is cut into face fronts using a high-tech CNC machine, it’s tumbled with wood chips and hand-polished. Every frame is hand-assembled and sent through a series of quality checks.

Frames and arms are cut out based on the specification drawing sent

Frames are hand polished.

Frames are hand assembled and quality checked to the spec.

Finished frames are then able to be fitted with lenses.

Lenses are fitted to the frame and quality checked before they make their way to our warehouse.

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