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Keke Lindgard x Pared Edit

Eyewear has always been one of my favourite ways to complete a look. I have quite a simple and understated style in my everyday life so a pair of good sunnies always makes me feel stylish and put together while adding a dash of coolness back into my t-shirt and jean short vibe! I love all of these sunnies and I hope you enjoy this edit and creating looks with them as much as I did! 

Written by Pared Eyewear / 16 February 2023

I chose the green LMS 'Hot & Steamy' frames as they gave me a sense of effortless style with a punch of colour that makes me feel on trend even if my outfit is understated. The Uptown & Downtown Black Blue frames also help me with this, I like sunnies like this because you can wear them on a day where it isn't as sunny out but still get the effect of adding sunglasses to tie your outfit together, I also like these as an option to wear into the night if you want to spice up a "going out on the town" look.

The Broadway & Canal Black and Bread & Butter Tortoise sunnies are my favourite to add to a more put together outfit, they have a great blend of masculine and feminine shape that give you a bad ass vibe. When I put them on I feel way cooler than I am and a little bit like a superhero that is going to conquer the day!

Another reason I love sunnies, they can give you a whole new vibe when putting them on! The Round & Around cat eye sunnies are a given, they romanticise any outfit you pair them with, when I throw these on, I feel as though I belong in a convertible along the coast and I love that blissful vibe they give me on top of my outfit. Last but certainly not least are the classic Spell collaboration frame Thelma has a whimsical twist in the metal work that has been put into them. These sunnies are a classic that I feel elevate any outfit in a way that is empowering but also relaxed, they are incredibly versatile with their shape and colour.

Keke Lindgard (@kekelindgard)

I love all of these sunnies and I hope you enjoy this edit and creating looks with them as much as I did! 
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