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mothers day

Mother's Day with Julia Brown

Sammy chats to Julia, the Co-Founder of Mihan Aromatics about the motherhood, Mihan & women that inspire her.

Written by Samantha Stevenson / 11 May 2024

We have been admirers of Mihan Aromatics and the duo behind it, Julia Brown and Josh Mihan for a very long time. You may have experienced our favourite fragrance, Guilty Story when you have opened a package from us or received a gift with purchase.

We at pared love to champion fellow Australian brands and admire Julia and Josh as fellow business owners juggling work and family.

Sammy Stevenson-Baker interviews Julia for Mother’s Day 2024 to gain a little insight into the woman behind the brand.

Tell us a little about how Mihan came to life?

My partner Josh (now husband) and I were living in London at the time. We were nostalgic and missing our home in Melbourne. We spent many late nights exploring our senses, storytelling, reminiscing, creating and planning. On the return to Melbourne we set the wheels in motion.

Mihan Aromatics™ launched in 2017, a Melbourne-based perfume house creating contemporary premium parfums. Romantic and nostalgic, the first series of scents was created as a portal for the individual to be instantly transported to their favourite memories. From the iconic Melbourne landmarks of Edinburgh Gardens Fitzroy Pool, the fragrances are inspired by our founders' collective sensory experience. The second series is dedicated to the intriguing landscape of Australia, a celebration of its rare and natural phenomena.

What have you learnt most from your son? Unconditional love, to be silly and have fun. As well as realising 2-year-olds remember everything so there is no coming back from a false promise! Long story short, parents need to be true to their word.

Who are the women that inspire you?



My Mum - her worldly wisdom, knowledge of the arts, literature and cooking is admirable.

My friend Sam Rush is one inspirational, creative, intelligent woman who is dedicated to fitness, fashion and her little girl Juniper.

My friend Alison Harding who is the most compassionate physio in Women’s Health and has the warmest/caring heart who juggles family life, young kids, running a small business and being a boss.

What’s the best piece of advice your mother (or mother figure) gave you?



The kitchen is the soul of the house. Harness positive energy & nurture yourself through the sensory exploration of food with friends and family.



In the spirit of this shared experience Julia has shared her Mum’s (Jude Brown) recipe for Anzac biscuits

Combine 1 & 1/4cups oats, 3/4 cup flour, 1 cup coconut,  1/4 cup of pepitas or chopped nuts, 3/4 sugar.

In a seperate bowl: Add 125 g melted butter & 2 tbspoon syrup, then boil kettle & 1tbs of hot water with 1 tsp bi- carb. Mix all together.

Add butter mixture to the dry ingredients. Add some Love & Care!

Roll into balls, place on a tray with baking paper. Flatten with a folk. Cook at 170 degrees in oven for 12 minutes. Enjoy!




How do you find work life balance being a mum?



To be honest at times it can be a challenge and overwhelming and it definitely takes GRIT. I juggle many roles, and I still work as a neurorehabilitation physiotherapist. Pre Raphy I could be selfish and just focus on me if I needed some time out or if I had a tight deadline for our business. Hats off to everyone who runs the house and business because at the end of the day if your children need you, you stop everything and put them first.

Best advice for mothers starting a new business? Believe in yourself. Nurture your idea. Give yourself space for creative thinking & reflection. Maximise your child’s sleep time ie prioritise time away from your partner and children through an exercise routine/reading a book/a long walk to re charge YOU.


Written by Samantha Stevenson / 11 May 2024

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