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Mother's Day with our Creative Director

Join us and our creative director, Samantha Stevenson-Baker, as we quiz her on motherhood in a studio filled with bubbles, balloons and her two little ones.

Written by Pared Eyewear / 12 May 2023

How will you be celebrating Mother’s Day this year? This year my boys are spoiling me with a surprise lunch. I'm happy to be surprised and enjoy a quiet day together. I might sneak off in the evening for a yoga class to do something nice for myself also!

How do you find work life balance being a mum?

It’s a neverending see-saw that rarely sits in the middle. Sometimes work needs me and I'm on a deadline and other days I know a child needs me whether they are sick or just need a little one on one time. You can have it all but never all at once. 

I have surrendered to the fact that I won't ever have the perfect house or the perfect work day because you just need to be flexible and do your best! I think mothers need to be kinder to themselves.

There is such a pressure to be perfect and to look like you have it all together. Social media and its highlight reel is unachievable.  I like when people are real about motherhood and the juggles that they face and we can be there to support each other. It shouldn't be about competition, it should be about support. 

What have you learnt most from your sons?

 I grew up in a girly house with sisters and my younger brother didn't come along until I was 17 so having boys was something that felt a little foreign to me before Sebastain was born. Any worries that I had really flew out the door. My boys are so active, curious and imaginative. I have learnt to slow down a little, be in the moment and just enjoy the wonder of new things through their eyes. Looking through the eyes of a child is such a lovely escape from the pressures of adulthood! I think its nice to slow down with them and be in the moment. We also have so many laughs, its nice to laugh and be silly with them.


You have recently grown your family of 3 to a family of 4. How do you find having little Theo thrown into the mix?

Moving from 3-4 is LOUD! Busy, fun, mad and really special. I love how Sebastain looks after Theo and seeing the bond that they have already is really heartwarming. There are plenty of squabbles and our house looks like toy soup but I wouldn't change it. 

What’s the best piece of advice your mother gave you?

My mum taught me to trust my gut and I follow my intuition in life and also especially with parenting. I feel that really guides me in my decision making. 

What’s your best advice for mothers starting a new business?

Go easy on yourself!! The juggle wont ever go away so you just need to manage it. Talk to other women who have done it, listen to what worked for them. Take everyday as it comes!

Who are the women that inspire you?

My friends and family. I am lucky to be surrounded by three amazing but very different mother figures - my mum, my step mum, my mother - in law as well as my grandma, my sisters and my friends.  I look to them for guidance and support. 

If you could pass on one item from your wardrobe to your kids what would it be?

I hope they like sunglasses! Whether they like it or not there will be a million of them to inherit! 


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