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Jordan Simek x Pared 03

Jordan's inspiration behind her latest colourway

Balmoral is a special place for me. Mum would wake us up at the crack of dawn drag our butts out the door whilst we slept in the car ready for our beach day at 7am every second weekend during my parents’ divorce. Salty and sun kissed. Some of my best memories were at that beach, my mum and I used to spend hours collecting mother of pearl shells together. Not only that, but my beautiful Mum and step dad got married there. So it's safe to say when looking for locations to shoot my new signature frames with PARED, Balmoral was at the top of the list. The sand tying in with the cream frame, the chocolate tan lens for that sun kissed tanned skin and the beautiful mother of pearl swirl bringing me back to all those times I used to search endlessly for shells with mum! The natural earthy tones of the beach paired with the frames it was truly a match made in heaven and just know, you're always wearing a little part of my heart.

Written by Pared Eyewear / 17 February 2023

I wanted the frame to be timeless, classic but also have a unique difference in them. I wanted you to feel like you could pair my eyewear with anything you have in your closet! And I hope you love them just as much as I do.

When picking the creatives to work with for my collection campaigns, every frame has been teamed up with professionals that not only I work with but people I would call my friends. For this frame I wanted someone I work with on a regular basis that just gets me and knows my vision and how to capture it beautifully. Micaela is one of the most beautiful photographers I know. I have been working with her for about 2 years now every week and she is just the biggest ray of sunshine so to have her shoot my new collection to say I was excited is an understatement.

When choosing the colours for this frame I wanted to go with something neutral. I stepped out and went bold last time and I thought I would draw it back for this pair.

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